Mr. Harris
By Sean

Hello again.

Bad news this week to hear that Richard Harris passed
away. For any of you who don't know (and I imagine that counts for about three people in the world.), he was the man or should I say the legend that we were lucky enough to have playing Professor Albus Dumbledore in Harry
Potter and the Philosophers Stone and also in The Chamber of Secrets, which has turned out to be his last film.

Unfortunately, I never really got a chance to speak to him beyond being introduced and saying hello in passing as we were seldom on set at the same time but it's still sad when someone working on the same project as you dies. The next Harry Potter film will lack something without him.

He will be sorely missed and my thoughts go to his family as, I'm sure, do those of everyone who worked with him. Although I wonder, does someone who has had the kind of impact on the art of cinema that Richard did ever really die?

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