DVD Launch

Sean has informed us that he has been asked to the DVD Launch for "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" on May 8, 2002 being held at King's Cross Station in London. The DVD/VHS will be for sale in the UK on Saturday May 11, 2002 and Tuesday May 28, 2002 in North America.

We took a few of your questions for Sean to answer from the Message Board that you wanted to ask him. Look for his answers in the Sean's Playground, "Getting to know Sean" section sometime in May. We will try do this each month, so if you have more questions just post them on the board. As for the "Badgers" question, I asked Sean what the facination was with them and he replied "some people like cats and dogs, I like badgers". As for, will Sean look at the message board? Of course he will, the site was set up for interaction with his fans and he is interested in what people have to say.

Sean is busy at work but said he will post a message in his Diary as soon as he can.

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