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By SB.Com Staff

Following is a transcript of the Live Chat Questions and Answers that took place on Tuesday September 23, 2003 11:00 p.m. E.S.T. Sean is in Toronto and it was a spontaneous idea to put together a live edition of the "Questions for Sean" for the site regulars. Some of the Questions and Answers are in reference to Message Board antics. Seans way of saying goodbye was a thrill for the board members and a little confusing for non-members.

We would like to thank all the Chat Moderators that participated in helping us putting it all together and Penny for saving the transcript for us. Things got a bit hectic with 300 people in and out of the chat. A special thanks to Dave from Chatters Online for his magical appearance just when we needed him.

The comments below are from the Chat Moderators.

*Note - The chat was open to anyone and not just Message Board regulars or it would have been an invite only chat. Mugglenet did thank us and we were more then happy to have their site members join in. Unfortunatly a few chatters did act in a manner that was not appropriate including ones from this site but in the end those few did not ruin it and we appreciate the many people that thanked us. Lesson learned these things need to be planned more in advance but that just wouldn't be our style.

* Sean_Biggerstaff has joined #SeanBiggerstaff


And there he is


Jenners> Hello

Nestle> Welcome Welcome

Dragon> or rather, Shagwat!

Nestle> That hasn't been used in a while


Sean_Biggerstaff> Hi Everyone, what are you poor people doing to Diane?


Nestle> Ghastly things

Leia> What we normally do: lavish her with praise.

Jenners> Erm... Do you really want to know???

Dragon>  You don't ever want to know, dear badger

Jenners> She's stolen my affection from you...

Leia> Chatters: can you please only PM me questions? Thank you

* Jenners smiles mischievously

Nestle> Terribly sad, that is

Penny> ok, no more PMs for me guys. wait a few minutes. let me catch up

Jenners> Isn't it???


Sean_Biggerstaff> Just for a start I am in Toronto as we speak


"Seanus are you ever punctual"-Ingy MSU, Michigan


Nestle> Same for me, folks

Leia> Can I ask you if you got bagels, or is that against the rules....?

Nestle> Hee. That's a fitting starter question!

Leia> I can only eat blended foods this week. BLENDED.

Jenners> Let the man answer the question Dragon put to him ladies...

Nestle> I'm so sorry, hon....really...


Sean_Biggerstaff> Always, except Tuesdays


Penny> haha

Jenners> Good answer...

Jenners> ;)


"Sean, what are your likes and dislikes of being famous? Lorena, Texas, U.S.A."



Sean_Biggerstaff> I don't like being famous, I love the work and I like the money.  The fame just comes with it.


 "You are so good at pretending to be other people, are you just as good at being yourself? Natalie Roberts, Ohio, USA


Sean_Biggerstaff> No, a big part of what makes acting attractive to me is the opportunity to step outside of my own limited reality.


"How did it feel to see yourself defy gravity on the bigscreen?" TJ from Florida


Sean_Biggerstaff> Have to think about that one.

Erin from Boston USA: I swear I read somewhere that at some point you liked the band Extreme. My cousin Pat Badger from that band and I have been searching for where I read it and am wondering if it is true?


Sean_Biggerstaff> If you are for real then that's damn cool and I do indeed.  Extreme were truly superb and one of the most misunderstood bands.


Sean_Biggerstaff> Say hi to Pat for me.

"Do you plan to do any more big Hollywood movies like Harry Potter was?" -Emily, Maine


Sean_Biggerstaff> It's not so much the matter of me planning it as me being lucky enough to be asked to get involved.  I am already ahead of the game being part of Harry Potter.  I don't have any bad feelings towards big commercial projects unlike alot of actors (maybe that will come with experience).


"What's your position on file-sharing?~Claire, USA"


Sean_Biggerstaff> The only difference between downloading an album and walking in to a record shop and stealing it is two cents worth of plastic.  I am not into Metallica but they have a point.


Tessa from Toronto ON asks: Are you enjoying your time in Toronto and do you remember the blonde that greeted you today?


Sean_Biggerstaff> Yes and Yes.  I have been to Toronto many times and I never fail to have a ball.  I find Canadians very easy to get on with.  You never told me your name today, now I know what it is.


Dragon> Would that be before or after they allowed free d/ls of their stuff?


How do you feel about 230+ people staying up into wee hours of the morning just to talk to you?" Anne Baltimore USA


Nestle> Ha. Good one

Leia> I love you, Anne from Baltimore.

Alex> What the.. *waiting patiently to ask a question*

Jenners> Hopefully happy... I just got in trouble for a) being up and b) not being done my homework

Jenners> And now Microsoft word is being... evil...

Nestle> Kick?


Sean_Biggerstaff> When Diane suggested it this morning we never imagined this many would show up.


If you were to be compared to any flavor ice cream depending on your personality, what would it be and why? Rita, Cali, USA


What about If you were to be called back to antoher HP movie if you appeared in future HP books, would you accept or deny? -- Brandon from LI, New York


Jenners> HA!!! Neither did we...

Leia> Did Diane keel over and die? *a little worried*

Jenners> Guys... I gotta go... :(

Jenners> Sad but true...

Dragon> We didn't expect it to show up on multiple other sites, either

Nestle> Later Jen

Dragon> Night Jen!

Penny>  bye Jen!!!

Dragon> love ya babe!

Leia> Nighty night, Chicken.

Nestle> Love!

Penny> sleep well

Nestle> You underestimate us

Jenners> I have to beat up microsoft word and see if it will be nice to me... Erm... I have questions in front of me... Do you guys want me to send them to you or what???

Leia> Yeah, we're just THAT sad.


What was the last song you learned on your guitar?- Jodee, PA, USA


Sean_Biggerstaff> Hi Rita, "What kind of dining set defines me as a person?"  Spot the quote.


Alex> Shush guys, you're stealing Sean's thunder.

* Dragon pokes Alex

Nestle> Boom


Sean_Biggerstaff> Hey Brandon - It would completely depend on the circumstances at the time, what the part entailed and who was involved in making the film.  In the case of the current crew, I would love the chance to work with them again.


Jenners> Ok... Now I'm gone...

Nestle> Bye!

* Jenners huggles everyone... Nice chatting with you Sean...

Dragon> night Jen

Jenners> Whoops... I need my bed... BADLY!!!

Dragon> so does gelfling, brb


Sean_Biggerstaff> The last song was Phone Call From Leavenworth by Chris Whitley.


Chelsea from Arizona USA asks: Sean, are you aware of all the nicknames you have gained on the boards? If so, what are your thoughts on them?


What Basic health and beauty products are you using to maintain your skin? Joco from Manila, Philippines


Penny> oops, sorry Ness

Nestle> S'ok

DianeF> Mods please don't post questions unless they have been ok'd!

Alex> *waiting patiently* *eyes other mods*

Nestle> Oh, you're back! It's just that you weren't answering. Apologies

Nestle> Oi....*glares at Alex*

Alex> *holds up pebble menacingly*

Penny>  oh no, not the pebble

Nestle> Evil!


Sean_Biggerstaff> Joco - I rub cheese on my face every morning.


Nestle> Ooh. Invigorating

Penny>  haha, cheese

Leia> Nothing gets the blood running like cheese in the face.

Penny>  i hear its a great cleanser

Nestle> Minimizes pores

Penny>  indeed

Dragon> back

DianeF> sorry for the time delay...


"Would you consider going back to school? if yes, what would be your major?" -sarah, asia-


Sean_Biggerstaff> No no no, no no no no no.


* Dragon laughs

Penny> good answer Sean

Nestle> Speak not of the evil one


"What is your favorite cartoon [strip] and why?" Tessa, IN U.S.A.


Penny>  you backed up with PMs, Diane?

DianeF> yes


Sean_Biggerstaff> Calvin and Hobbes without a doubt.  Genius upon genius. Bill Watterson is so funny it hurts.


Nestle> Calvin and Hobbes rocks

Leia> "Have you ever tried peach soda? If you have, do you like it?" Leia from Cali. NOT me. Different Leia.

Dragon> I always loved the Snowman House of Horrors, myself


Sean_Biggerstaff> No, I have never tried Peach Soda but yes I like it.


* Nestle whispers "Blackberry's better"

* Dragon snorts


Eliana from Texas USA asks: DO you enjoy Red Dwarf? If so, are you also anticipating the movie?


Alex> If anyone is PMing Diane, please don't. It slows the process down. PM the mods instead. *watches as other mods rush her*

* mittens302 has quit IRC (Quit: *p00f* and gone...)

* Dragon gnaws on Alex's leg

Nestle> Hungry?


Sean_Biggerstaff> I have been waiting for the movie for years.  I loved the tv show, I just hope the film lives up to it.


Leia> Guys....there's a max on PMs a person can recieve, so you must forgive me if I can't reply to all these, ok? Apologies.

Nestle> My friend's tape of Red Dwarf won't play on my VCR. Isn't that sad? is. *Nod*


Sean, Tonya from Louisiana has been pretty sick lately, and she would really like to get a "hi" from you.


Sean_Biggerstaff> Hi Tonya, hope your feeling better soon.


Nestle> Tina Marie from North Carolina USA asks: What's your favorite part of America to visit?


Sean_Biggerstaff> I have only ever been to New York for a few days so I really can't comment on it as yet.  Although I am going to Los Angeles this week so I am keen to see what I make of it.


"sean you ever been thwaped? well now you have ::thwap::"-Lauren


Sean_Biggerstaff> I have been thwapped on many occasions and will continue to receive such thwapping regularly.


Dragon> Good to know.

Nestle> Such an act of affection...awww

Dragon> Should we, Ness?

Penny>  lol

Nestle> Hmmm...

Penny>  yes, we should

Nestle> Perhaps


"Out of all the magical items in Harry Potter (invisibility cloak, Marauder's Map, broomstick, etc.) what is the one thing you wish you could really use?" Jacklyn from Pennsylvania


Sean_Biggerstaff> They would all be dangerous amounts of fun but I think flying takes the cake.  Flying while invisible could be a laugh.

" What is Daniel Radcliffe like behind the scenes?" -Morgan and Robin of Fort Wayne, IN -USA


Sean_Biggerstaff> People always ask me if Daniel is a little brat.  They seem to be expecting me to say yes.  The truth is that Dan is one of my favourite people.


Sean, do you type with one finger?-Klo


* Nestle snorts

DianeF> Just a note, we are going to stop with questions at about midnight Sean needs his beauty sleep.

Penny>  lol, beauty sleep

Penny>  sorry, lol

Leia> Oh God, that made me choke on gauze. Very cruel.

Nestle> As opposed to the rest of us. Cheers, Diane

Nestle> !

Penny>  good point, Ness

Dragon> Do we get to thwap him before he leaves, Diane?


Sean_Biggerstaff> You're supposed to use your fingers?  Dammit!


Penny>  do i even want to know . . .?

Nestle> You learn something new every day, huh?

* Dragon snargles

Nestle> Alex hasn't gotten a question in

Alex> Beau-- .. *glares*

* Nestle pats Alex on the head

Penny>  exactly Alex

Alex> No I haven't, and I have mad chatters on my PM list. *angry at them all*

Leia> Yes, people...I'm closing your PM if you can't word it politely. Thank you.


Norma from Florida asks "Sean, do you think the Scottish janitor from the Simpsons does justice to your culture?"


Sean_Biggerstaff> Well no but The Simpsons Lampoon everyone especially Americans so I am hardly about to get offended.  Anyway it doesn't matter if it is accurate.  It's funny!


Erica fom Georgia USA asks: I read about a year ago that you had just finished "Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut, one of my personal favorite authors. I was wondering if you had read anything else by him, and if so, what you thought?


Dragon> Okay folks, I can't take any more questions, got too many right now

Nestle> Same goes for me

Leia> Same here.

Penny>  and here too


Sean_Biggerstaff> I read "Slaughter House 5" on Deke Leonards recommendation and loved it.  I have meant to read more of his stuff for a while.


As a science nerd, are you familiar with the groundbreaking research of Doctors McLure and Vagabond? -Danni, CO


Sean_Biggerstaff> Yes I am.  I thought Dr. McLure's book "How to Extrapolate the Universe from a Fistful of Funk" was particularly thought provoking.


Nestle> Very

Dragon> LOL

Penny>  nice answer

Nestle> Some of her best work

DianeF> OK it's time we start to wind this down

DianeF> we will take one or two more

Leia> Okay.

Penny> can i ask one Diane?

Nestle> Alex

Nestle> She hasn't asked one

Dragon> Can I thwap him now?

Leia> Alex should ask one.

Alex> I'm still waiting to get something approved.

DianeF> ok penny go ahead

DianeF> Jess we can't ask them all


Penny>  ok, first off, i was told to do this *thwaps Sean* second: Sean, will you say "marf"?


Nestle> Nice...

Leia> People, please understand that Sean needs his beauty sleep, so we cannot ask all of these questions. Thank you for your polite patience though.

DianeF> ok next one

* Nestle points to Alex

Penny>  is he not going to answer?


Sean_Biggerstaff> Next one.


Dragon> Alex?

Penny>  *sigh*

Nestle> Never hurts to try. Go on, Alex

* Dragon shoves Alex into spotlight

Alex> Wait, what question? One from a chatter? Or mine?

Alex> Sorry.. I'm dealing with angry/confused people...

DianeF> One from each and then we need to go

Alex> Ok.. One from a chatter:


"How do you modify your acting from on the stage to behind the camera?" -Pavi, Toronto


Sean_Biggerstaff> Are you really Pat Badgers cousin?


Dragon> What did LeXx just do?

Dave> prevent's nickname changes in room :)

Dragon> thanks Dave

Leia> No nick changing?

Leia> Aww. *pets Dave*

Dave> welcome :)


Nestle> No clue, and yes, Sean. The girl who asked the Extreme question is his cousin


Dragon> Extreme, Extreme...*wracks brain*


Nestle> An autograph should be headed your way, if I'm not mistaken?


Dragon> More Than Words?

Dragon> or was that someone else?

Nestle> The cousin. She said that's a song of theirs

Alex> I'm not accepting any more questions.

Dragon> I remember them

Dragon> I used to love them before that song

Nestle> No more questions then?

Alex> Well, I don't know if the last question I asked is going to be answered.


Sean_Biggerstaff> Still working on it.  On the most basic level stage acting involves being larger than life in terms of your voice movement(facial expressions, etc.), whereas with a camera in your face everything has to get toned down.  However this is an overly simple way of describing it.  It is not even like I have mastered it yet.


Alex> Spoke too soon.

Alex> Can I ask my personal/own question now? *chirps up*

Nestle> Go go go

Alex> *rubs palms* Sean, before you head to bed... may I please be the one to kick you out of the chatroom?

Nestle> By the way, I've been getting a bunch of PMs with fans thanking you for taking time off to answer these questions. That is all

Dragon> not yet Alex!

Alex> I'm just waiting for a yes or no.

Alex> *waits*


Sean_Biggerstaff> Cool about the autograph! I am a big fan. "Waiting for the Punch Line" kicks ass!


Leia> I have too, Ness. All the cute, polite chatters say "thank you" for giving us the time.

* Dragon thwaps Sean since no one told her she couldn't

Dragon> Yes, I've gotten many Thank Yous and Good nights from people

Nestle> I know. Seriously, guys. Your patience has made my 3 hours of soon to be sleep before school all worth it

Penny>  same here, a lot of the chatters have been saying thank you for the opportunity to talk with Sean *snort*

Nestle> Is it weird that I feel like crying or is that the exhaustion?

Jenny_Lee_McD> ACK!!!


Sean_Biggerstaff> The pleasure is mine.


Penny>  Jenn!!!!!

Dragon> How sweet!

Jenny_Lee_McD> Oops...

Alex> No, I'm at the point of tears right now. I think it's my bladder.

Penny>  a looker and polite!

Jenny_Lee_McD> lol...

Dragon> Almost makes me want to take back that thwap

Leia> I do too, Ness. With joy and Vicaden overdose.


Sean_Biggerstaff> MARF!!!!!!

* Sean_Biggerstaff has left #SeanBiggerstaff


Nestle> Good to know, hon. Good to know


Jenny_Lee_McD> Erm... Ok... YAY!!!

Dragon> LMAO

Alex> NOOOO!

Leia> HOLY...!

Leia> I mean....I hate you.

Nestle> Don't DO that when I'm on the brink of a meltdown!

Alex> NOOOOO!! *cries* No..


Leia> *goes to drool into a cup* I hate surgery.

Penny>  oh my goodness!!! you said it!!!

Jenny_Lee_McD> By the way... I'm not here... :(

Nestle> Dying....dying...dying...we are.SUCH.dorks

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